Integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic political, security, economic and other institutions constitutes the strategic goal of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Main directions of the State Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan

Integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures

Integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic political, security, economic and other institutions constitutes the strategic goal of  the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan views its partnership with the Euro-Atlantic structures as a means for contributing to 8security, economic prosperity and democracy in the whole Euro-Atlantic area.

The Republic of Azerbaijan works together with NATO to eliminate instability, conflicts and threats in European and the Euro-Atlantic area and, proceeding from  the principle of the indivisibility of security, is determined to share the burden of building a common security system in Europe and in its own region without discrimination on geographic or political grounds.

Proceeding from the recognition of necessity to deepen its integration into the European area, the Republic of Azerbaijan has established a multi-faceted relationship with the European Union. The Memorandum of Understanding on “Strategic Partnership in the Field of Energy” signed in 2006 between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union will contribute to ensuring the diversification of the energy sources and transportation routes  of the member-states of the European Union, development and modernization of the energy infrastructure, efficient use of energy resources and development of the renewable energy  sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Close cooperation of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the European Union will contribute to the stability in the Caucasus and will promote the European values in the region.

Source:  NATIONAL SECURITY CONCEPT OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN, Approved by Degree No. 2198 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 23 May 2007, Pages 8-9. Unofficial Translation,