Metin Feyzioglu: Being strong country means having strong courts (Trend)

By Trend

There are many problems in advocacy in every country, chairman of the Turkish Bar Association Metin Feyzioglu said.

Feyzioglu made the remarks at the international conference entitled “Strong and authoritative advocacy – the present challenges” in Baku through the joint organization of the Azerbaijani Bar Association and the German Society for International Cooperation within the anniversary events in connection with the legal profession, Trend reports on October 4.

“Our task is to solve these problems,” he said. “Azerbaijan marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the institution of advocacy today.”

“Today we welcome you as the grandchildren of commander of the Caucasian Islamic Army Nuru Pasha,” Feyzioglu said. “The issue of education in the field of advocacy is also topical. We, lawyers, are constantly fighting for independence, for a fair trial. On the other hand, we do not know how artificial intelligence will affect a lawyer’s profession in 15-20 years. Therefore, we must also study technology.”

“The fact that Azerbaijan is strong means that Turkey is strong,” he added. “The fact that Turkey is strong means that Azerbaijan is strong. To be a strong country means to have a strong institution of courts and advocacy.”