“Mediation and Human Rights” event will be conducted

LAIED.AZ. GMN Caspian and Legal Analysis and Research Public Union will conduct a joint presentation on “Mediation and Human Rights” in November 5, 2019 at the OHCHR-supported Resource Centre functioning through the support of the EU.

On March 29 this year, the Law on Mediation was adopted in Azerbaijan. Mediation is a very important tool as an alternative dispute resolution method where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. And in accordance with the Law on Mediation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, starting from July 1, 2020, the mediation process will be compulsory for parties on family, labor and economic disputes before applying to court. As it affects family and labor issues, mediation can play a crucial role in safeguarding family, children’s rights and labor rights. Mediation can be very useful with regard to the protection of the family, as communication is essential in the promotion of human rights. The use of mediation in the world represents significant progress in protecting family agreements and their autonomy.

Taking into account the mentioned benefits of mediation from human rights aspects, GMN Caspian in joint with the Legal Analyses and Research Public Union are going to conduct a seminar/presentation on “Mediation and human rights” on November 05 from 10:00 to 12:30 at the OHCHR-supported Resource Centre functioning through the support of the EU at SKS Plaza. Around 20 NGO representatives and lawyers and will be gathered at the event.