French Court abolishes another illegal “treaty” signed with separatists

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan welcomes the decision of the administrative Court of Lyon city of the Republic of France of 17 October 2019, on abolition of the illegal “treaty” signed between the commune of Villeurbanne of France and the occupied Shusha city of Azerbaijan, on May 18, 2015, contrary to the provisions of the national legislation of Azerbaijan and France. Report informs referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

So far, 10 illegal “treaties” signed between the cities of France and the so-called “local authorities” created by the illegal regime in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan have been abolished. It should be especially emphasized that all 3 illegal “treaties” signed with Shusha city, the historic center of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan were abolished.

The Azerbaijani side believes that the other illegal documents still in force and incompatible with the provisions of legislation of France, especially article 73 of the Constitution of France will be annulled soon by the Courts of France.

The primacy of law is above all, and Armenian lobbyists in France must understand that the attempts to realize their interests by violating the rule of law and international commitments of France are deemed to failure.