US Ambassador calls on Azerbaijani youth

The Embassy’s basic priority is to find ways for joint work between Azerbaijani and US educational institutions and to enhance inter-ethnic contacts,” US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Orl Litzenberger said.

Report informs that he spoke at the signing ceremony of the dual degree program between Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and George Washington University.

According to him, the signing of the dual program agreement is evidence in this regard: “We believe that the ability to communicate in English is one of the ways and keys to becoming a truly global citizen. Therefore, we believe that improving English teaching is one of our main goals in this country.”

Litzenberger said Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University is one of the most worthy partners to achieve this goal: “We are confident that our English specialists will lend assistance in this process. Conducting of master training is also an essential factor within the program. It is fascinating to see that the most prestigious universities in our countries combine their efforts in this way. People always say that Azerbaijan is rich in natural resources, especially oil and gas. This event is the best example of investing in Azerbaijan’s most valuable resource – Human Resources. Source: