Azerbaijani Bar Association appealed to 230 international organisations

“We appeal to 230 international organisations not to ignore the fact of a group of people killed by mines in Kalbajar

As is known, the Patriotic War, which began on September 27 in response to the provocations committed by the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia against the civilian population of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ended on November 10, 2020, with the signing of a tripartite declaration and a glorious victory of the Azerbaijani Army. Following the signing of the Declaration, despite repeated appeals and calls from the international community, the Armenian side, by behaving inhumanely and grossly violating international norms, has still refrained from providing maps and schemes of mines buried in our liberated territories for many years. Furthermore, Armenia strains the regional situation, continuing to impede the realization of the vision of peace, security, and cooperation in the region. On June 4, three Azerbaijani citizens, including two journalists, were killed and four others were seriously injured as a result of the explosion of mines buried by Armenia in the Kalbajar region. In this regard, the Azerbaijani Bar Association has appealed to a total of 230 international organizations, including international bar associations, human rights organizations, law societies of foreign countries. We call on these organizations not to ignore these human rights violations, by approaching their mandate responsibly to make the political and military leadership of Armenia refrain from committing criminal acts and to urge them to observe Armenia’s obligations under international humanitarian law and to make Armenia fulfill its obligations related to the provision of maps and schemes of minefields!” 

The aforementioned appeal is presented to the public in 3 languages:
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