European Court made 79 decisions on Azerbaijan in 2021

Last year, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) adopted 79 decisions on Azerbaijan, reads the ECHR Annual for 2021 published January 25, informs.

For Azerbaijan, 425 new applications were allocated to a judicial formation in 2021, a decrease as compared to 525 applications allocated in 2020.

The European Court has delivered judgments on 79 applications in 2021, as compared to 74 in 2020 and 56 in 2019.

298 applications were declared inadmissible or struck out.

For Azerbaijan, 116 applications were communicated to the authorities in 2021, as compared to 159 in 2020 and 108 in 2019.

Azerbaijan joined the European Convention on Human Rights in January 2001. The first case was accepted in 2006.