Statement by NGOs of Azerbaijan about illegal exploitation of natural resources and environmental terrorism in the territories of Azerbaijan

Today, more than 100 NGOs of Azerbaijan made a statement regarding the illegal exploitation of the natural resources and environmental terrorism in the territories of Azerbaijan.

The text of the Statement is as follows:

“We, representatives of non-governmental organizations, hereby express our deep regret over the fact that certain states have given a lop-sided and biased assessment to the peaceful protest action against the illegal exploitation of natural resources and environmental terrorism being committed in the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed at a UN Security Council meeting on 20 December 2022, and the fact that discussions held there do not reflect the actual situation on the ground.

The fact that Armenia and France, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, have unilaterally abused this platform in an effort to mislead the international community and to engage in dirty propaganda is unacceptable. Undesirable attempts of this nature do nothing to achieve a lasting peace in the region, but rather aggravate the
situation even further. Armenia, the criminal dealers in Karabakh and a number of war criminals are deliberately turning the local population into hostages of their policies, preventing their contacts with the Azerbaijani side and trying to create an atmosphere of an artificial “humanitarian catastrophe”. It is also unacceptable for Armenia to make completely unfounded claims for the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan in the UN Security Council, and such an approach runs counter to the fundamental principles of the Security Council. We reiterate that the protest action is of peaceful nature, as representatives of the civil society call for an end to the plundering of Azerbaijan’s natural resources and to the irreparable damage being caused to the environment. We view the disregard for our legitimate concerns in the discussions at the UN Security Council as a manifestation of disrespect, prejudice and a selective approach to civil society.

We would like to emphasize with regret that the UN Security Council as the main body responsible for the protection of peace and security around the world turned a blind eye to the 30 years of Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territories, to the policy of ethnic cleansing, to the Khojaly genocide, to the expulsion of more than a million Azerbaijanis from their homes, to the deliberate and consistent destruction of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, to destruction and looting, to the policy of illegal settlement, and did not take any steps to enforce the implementation of its own resolutions. It is unfortunate that the UN Security Council has become a hostage of double standards. It is obvious from the information provided by the media and individual social network users from the ground that humanitarian cargo, passenger vehicles, ambulance and other humanitarian vehicles can move freely along the road and participants in the protest action have created all conditions for that. In addition, a hotline has been established by NGOs for a prompt resolution of the humanitarian problems of Armenian residents living in the Karabakh region of our country. Therefore, any claims that residents of Armenian origin are allegedly in a “blockade” are completely groundless. As participants of the protest action, we demand an end to the use of the Lachin road for military purposes and to the looting of Azerbaijan’s natural resources. The Lachin-Shusha-Khankandi road is the sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We also vehemently condemn the attempts of the Armenian government and Armenian illegal armed units in the territories of Azerbaijan where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed to intimidate residents of Armenian descent and prevent their reintegration into Azerbaijan. We call on the residents of Armenian origin to live together. As representatives of civil society, we once again declare that our readiness to mobilize our resources to eliminate any humanitarian problems of our citizens of Armenian origin living in Karabakh may have.”

The statement was adopted by the following NGOs:

  1. “Azerbaijan Society of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters” Public
    Union – Ilgar Orujov
  2. “Eurasian Migration Initiatives Platform” Public Union – Azer Allahveranov
  3. “Priority” Socio-Economic Research Center Public Union – Zaur Ibrahimov
  4. “Umid” Support for Social Development Public Union – Israyil Isgandarov
  5. “Virtual Karabakh” Information Communication Technologies Youth Public
    Union – Nuraddin Mehdiyev
  6. “Citizen” Research and Development Public Union – Gunel Safarova
  7. “Towards a Healthy Life” Ecological Public Union – Hasanov Sadig Huseyn
  8. “Ecologist-2010″ Environmental Awareness Public Union – Balayev Salim
    Loghman oglu
  9. “Eko-Alem” Public Union – Yuzbasheva Sevil Ismayil gizi
  10. Ecological Information Public Union – Muradli Musa Heydar oglu
  11. “EkoSfera” Social Ecological Center – Firuza Sultanzade
  12. “Ekoleks” Environmental Law Center Public Union – Isayeva Sevil Hajibala
  13. “Eko-TES” Environmental Research and Education Public Union – Nazarov
    Chingiz Manaf oglu
  14. Environmental Education and Monitoring Public Union – Yusubova Gamza
    Khanlar gizi
  15. “Promotion of culture and national traditions” Public Union – Etibar
  16. “Social-Economic and Environmental Development” Public Union – Rahila
  17. “Green World” Environmental Awareness Public Union – Jafarli Elman Niyazil
  18. Ecologist Environmental Protection Public Union – Huseynli Rubaba Alishirin
  19. Support to Environmental Awareness Public Union – Huseynov Tarverdi
    Tapdig oglu
  20. “Youth Education Center” Public Union – Fakhraddin Hasanzade
  21. “Sema” and Support for EcoSocial-Economic Development Public Union –
    Hasanova Irada Israfil gizi
  22. “Travelers” Research and Promotion of Natural Resources and Environment
    Public Association – Rashad Mammadli
  23. “Common values” Public Union – Agil Jamal
  24. “Support for Health” Public Union – Elchin Mukhtarli
  25. “Water Resource Specialists” Public Union – Amin Mammadov
  26. “Support for the Development of Sustainable Tourism” Public Union –
    Narmina Garibova
  27. “World of Law” Juridical Promotion Public Union – Zaur Guliyev
  28. “Youth Contribution” Public Union – Mahsati Huseynova
  29. “Support for Innovative Education of Women and Children” Public Union –
    Aynur Zulfugarova
  30. National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan – Rauf Zeyni
  31. Organization of War, Labor and Armed Forces Veterans – Jalil Khalilov
  32. International Eurasia Press Fund – Umud Mirzayev
  33. Constitution Researches Foundation – Alimammad Nuriyev
  34. Citizen’s Labor Rights Protection League – Sahib Mammadov
  35. Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva
    – Novella Jafarova
  36. “Protection of Human Rights and Law Order” Public Union – Saltanat
  37. “Azerbaijan National Section of International Society for Human Rights”
    Public Union – Saadat Bananyarli
  38. “Research of Social Rights” Public Union – Mayis Aliyev
  39. “Biosphere” Public Union – Gorkhmaz Ibrahimli
  40. “Free Consumers” Public Union – Eyyub Huseynov
  41. “Azerbaijan Patriotic War Veterans” Public Union – Fuzuli Rzaguliyev
  42. “Education of the Youth by Demobilized Servicemen” Public Union – Emin
  43. “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union – Ramil Isgandarli
  44. Support to the Development of Public Relations Public Union – Shalala
  45. “Learning Democracy” Public Union – Mirali Huseynov
  46. “Support to Information Initiatives” Public Union – Jasarat Huseynzade
  47. “Children of Azerbaijan” Public Union – Kamala Aghazade
  48. Azerbaijan Democratic Student Youth Organization – Asif Asgarli
  49. “Clean World” Aid to Women Public Union – Mehriban Zeynalova
  50. “Economics” International Economic Research Association Public Union –
    Fikrat Yusifov
  51. “Support for Innovative Initiatives in the Media” Public Union – Mushfig
  52. “Baku Oratory School” Public Union – Elchin Mirzabayli
  53. “Civil Enlightenment Public Union – Elshad Mammadli
  54. Social Strategic Studies and Analytical Research Public Union – Ilgar
  55. Organization for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments in the
    Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan Public Union – Faig Ismayilov
  56. “Healthy development and Awareness” Public Union – Anar Khalilov
  57. Azerbaijani-American Youth Public Union – Vugar Ahmadov
  58. Azerbaijan Journalists Network Public Union – Ayaz Mirzayev
  59. “Scientific Research” Public Union – Telman Gasimov
  60. Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights Association – Dilara
  61. “Center for Political Technologies” Public Union – Vali Alibayov
  62. Center of Azerbaijani Youth Rights Protection Public Union – Elchin
  63. “Support for Soldiers’ Families” Public Union – Matanat Asgargizi
  64. “Journalism and Development Center” Public Union – Elmaddin Muradov
  65. “Center for European Integration” Public Union – Sayyad Majidov
  66. “Support for Economic and Social Research” Public Union – Eyyub Karimli
  67. “Ghurur” Charitable Public Association of Martyrs Families – Naiba
  68. “Muvekkil Legal Center” Public Union – Samad Vakilov
  69. “ELM” Public Union for Support of Social and Intellectual Development of
    Youth – Sabuhi Abdullayev
  70. “Kamillik” Legal Awareness of Citizens Public Union – Niyaz Niftiyev
  71. GEYD Social Awareness Public Union – Tural Nurmammadov
  72. Support for Women’s and Children’s Education Public Association – Sevinj
  73. Legal Social Assistance and Awareness Public Union – Fariz Akbarov
  74. Integration to Globalized World Public Union – Aghayev Ilkin
  75. “Tereggi” Youth Development Public Union – Safarov Raji
  76. “Dayag” Social Awareness Public Union – Hijran Almammadova
  77. “Origami” Children and Teenagers Public Union – Namig Najafov
  78. Healthcare and Healthy Life Public Union – Konul Alizada
  79. Azerbaijan Disabled People’s Society Public Union – Khadija Mikayilova
  80. “Women World” Public Union – Kifayat Niftaliyeva
  81. “Support for Children and Teenagers” Public Union – Farhad Abdulov
  82. “Central Asia and South Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network” Public
    Union – Nadir Ismayilov
  83. Support to Innovative Initiatives Public Union – Abbas Panahov
  84. Center for Legal and Democratic Reforms Public Union – Ilham Aliyev
  85. Youth League for Intercultural Cooperation Public Union – Elchin
  86. Social Support Public Union – Garanfil Niftaliyeva
  87. “Khankandi” Support for IDP’s Public Union – Khatira Valiyeva
  88. “Social Assistance to Women War Veterans” Public Union – Rada Abbas
  89. Truth Historical Research Public Union – Elnara Abbasova
  90. Public Union for Provision of Rights of the 20 January Events’ Martyrs
    Families – Maral Zamanova
  91. National Values Awareness Public Union – Gulshan Behbudova
  92. “Financial and Moral Support for the Families of Martyrs” Public Union –
    Nazakat Hasanova
  93. “Azerbaijan Tafakkur Youth Association” Public Union – Emin Shirvanzade
  94. Association of Women Journalists – Sevil Yusifova
  95. “Silent World” Support for Disabled People and Athletes Using Sign
    Language Public Union – Aida Safarova
  96. “Optimist” Support for Solution of Social Problems Public Union – Habil Niftali
  97. “Enlightenment on Regional Socio-Economic Development” Public Union –
    Elnara Maharramova
  98. “Support for Youth Initiative and Development” Public Union – Toghrul
  99. “Media Research and Monitoring Center” Public Union – Shahbazov
  100. “Social Support for the Families of Martyrs” Public Union – Almaz Zeynalova
  101. Sakura Azerbaijan-Japan Public Union – Tarana Huseynova
  102. Non-Aligned Movement Youth Network – Ordukhan Gahramanzada