Report on violation of human rights in Armenia, presented-UPDATED

The report of the Monitoring Group of Human Rights Organizations on violations of human rights and freedoms in Armenia has been presented, APA reports.

The report contains detailed information on cases of violation of human rights and freedoms, ill-treatment of civilians, people detained during demonstrations, criminal cases against journalists, etc. in Armenia in 2020-2022.

The document states that international human rights organizations always apply double standards towards Azerbaijan, at the same time they ignore the anti-democratic and inhuman attitude of Armenia towards the Armenian people over the past 2 years.

In particular, police mistreatment of demonstrators and the use of stun grenades in Armenia in April-July 2022 were somehow not “noticed” by international organizations.

Although the Pashinyan government positions itself as a “democratic government”, the facts reflected in the report indicate that they actually exercise a government that is far from democratic: “As a monitoring group of human rights organizations, we call on international organizations and institutions in the field of human rights , to respond sensitively to this inhuman treatment taking place in Armenia and refrain from double standards,” the report says.

Monitoring Group of Human Rights Organizations of Azerbaijan prepared a report document on “Armenia: Democracy and Human rights (2018-2023), APA reports.

According to human rights defender Novella Jafaroglu who delivered a speech at the event, the violation of human rights in Armenia has never happened anywhere in the world.

She noted that international organizations do not want to see stability in Azerbaijan: “As well, no organization wanted to return Karabakh. Azerbaijan is a more democratic country in comparison to Armenia and Georgia. Pashinyan was always claiming that they are a democratic country. But the report we prepared shows how democratic a country they are”.

The full report is available here to download: