Victory of Azerbaijan at the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest also creates a responsibility…

On May 15th, as every Azerbaijani I rejoiced at the victory of Azerbaijani participants at the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest (ESC). This year the competition in Germany was of special importance for me. Presently, I study in Germany at the European Viadrina University and therefore I hope that since now the country named Azerbaijan will be known better here. In short, congratulations to everyone!

Now I come to the main point. What does the victory at Eurovision 2011 mean? I’d mention that victory at Eurovision 2011 creates a right to Azerbaijan to host Eurovision 2012 in Baku. And this mainly puts a responsibility for us not only to introduce ourselves to the European friends, but also to prove that we are the country which is worthy of Europe. My personal opinion is that coincidence of the victory of Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2011, reforms launched towards changes in Azerbaijan, launching struggle against corruption, other steps made for changes and most importantly, in case of continuation of such reforms can prove that Azerbaijan deserves hosting events in European level, sucs as the Eurovision 2012 Song Contest. From this point of view victory at Eurovision 2011 is very important event for popularizing the support to the development of the tourism potential and also concrete steps towards modernization in our country.
Organization of Eurovision 2012 Song Contest in Azerbaijan together with establishment of appropriate tourism infrastructure in Azerbaijan, at my personal opinion, as well as will put the following obligations on our country:
– To demonstrate that Azerbaijan is really committed to European values in real life (of course, under condition of protection of some rational values belonging to Azerbaijan, for example, national music),
– Strengthening practical implementation of the state policy regarding the Euro-Atlantic integration of Azerbaijan provided in legislation,
– Provision of necessary infrastructure, conditions, safety measures meeting personal needs of every European representative and tourist which will come to the song contest, maximal facilitation of visa and migration procedures for them,
– Provision of transparency and accountability of steps made by the Azerbaijani government regarding organization of Eurovision song contest and building infrostructure in Azerbaijan,
– Acceleration of the implementation of the obligations taken before the European community on implementation of human rights and rule of law and solving all the problems related to the fullfillment of these obligations and other such issues before the beginning of the contest.

May be, to some of you, it seems that I exaggerate the importance of the Eurovision Song Contest and its impact on the development of our country. May be. No objection. But finally I optimistically hope that realizing the responsibility of organization of Eurovision 2012 and achieving its implementation on the highest level, one more time, will become an evidence that Azerbaijan deserves to be a European family member.

Ramil Iskandarli
LLM student, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, European Viadrina University, Frankfurt oder, Germany
Member of Board of Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union