List of Populist Extremist Parties in Europe

AENM Alliance of European National Movements
AN National Alliance – Italy (Alleanza Nazionale)
BNP British National Party
BZÖ Alliance for the Future of Austria (Bündnis
Zukunft Österreich)
DF Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti)
DVU German People’s Union (Deutsche Volksunion)
FN National Front – France, also Belgium (Front
FPÖ Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei
FrP Norwegian Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet)
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik
Magyarországért Mozgalom)
LN Northern League – Italy (Lega Nord)
LPF List Pim Fortuyn – Netherlands (Lijst Pim
LPR League of Polish Families (Liga Polskich
MIÉP Justice and Life in Hungary (Magyar Igazság és
Élet Pártja)
MS-FT Tricolour Flame – Italy (Movimento Sociale
Fiamma Tricolore)
MSI Italian Social Movement (Movimento Sociale
ND Nat i on a l D em o c r at s – Sw e d e n
NF National Front – UK
NPD National Democratic Party of Germany
(Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands)
PRM Greater Romania Party (Partidul România
PS True Finns (Perussuomalaiset)
PVV Party for Freedom – Netherlands (Partij voor
de Vrijheid)
SD Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)
SNS Slovak National Party, also Slovenian National
Party (Slovenská Národná Strana or Slovenska
Nacionalna Stranka)
SRP Socialist Reich Party Germany (Sozialistische
Reichspartei Deutschlands)
SVP Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische
VB Flemish Interest/formerly Flemish Bloc (Vlaams

Source: Chatham House report, Right Response: Understanding and Countering Populist Extremism in Europe, Matthew Goodwin, September 2011, page IX.