The European Union Delegation in Azerbaijan absolutely refutes the allegations made recently in certain media according to which “EU ambassador would prepare street fighting scenario for Baku“.

Azerbaijan is an important partner of the EU, a participant in the Eastern Partnership as well our strategic partner in the field of energy. The EU also supports Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

We are working together to advance our partnership and expand our cooperation via the currently negotiated new comprehensive and ambitious Agreement, covering a large number of topics, including human rights.

The EU continues to support Azerbaijan’s reform agenda. The EU is Azerbaijan’s first trading partner and investor, both in the oil and non-oil sector. We back Azerbaijan’s economic diversification agenda notably through support to education and regional development.

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The European Union Delegation, in line with international law and practice, has contacts with all segments of the Azerbaijani society. This means that we listen to, but that we do not take partisan sides. As it is practiced by diplomatic services around the world, we meet with Government, but also opposition, civil society and other groups.

More information on EU-AZ partnership including the latest meetings at ministerial and presidential levels can be found here: