It is more advisable to convert the Presidential Administration into the Chancellery

According to what Ramil Iskandarli, Chairman of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union said about the recent personnel reforms, “Appointment of the young US-educated person, experienced in international organization, as the head of the Presidential Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in any case, is regarded as a step forward in human resource reform. As a positive aspect in the field of personnel policy, it should be noted that the promotion of the young professionals is in line with the essence of the reforms.”

At the same time, the head of the organization notes that not only promotion of individuals, but also restructuring and improvement of various bodies in the reform process, needs to be done in accordance with the requirement of our time. Therefore, the personnel reforms in the Presidential Administration should at the same time be accompanied by the restructuring of the institution. Thus, it is difficult to foresee the smooth implementation the mutual work process of the newly appointed young, energetic, new-thinking personnel with the personnel from the old structure.

In view of the above, Legal Analysis and Research Public Union has proposed the following changes:

  • It is more advisable for the Presidential Administration to act as the Presidential Chancellery rather than as an Administration for its legal form, status, function and essence.
  • The experience of the activities of the bodies executing the function of the Presidential Chancellery in the foreign countries should be studied in a comparative manner and the prospect of localization in the context of Azerbaijan should be investigated.
  • The essence of the change of the Presidential Administration to the Presidential Chancellery is to replace its function of control over other bodies with the function of coordination of relations between the President and those bodies. At the same time, the main essence of the Chancellery should be associated with implementation of the auxiliary function associated with the President’s daily work schedule.