Naval Forces Tactical Exercises has ended in Azerbaijan

The tactical exercises of the Azerbaijani Naval Forces conducted in accordance with the combat training plan for 2020 approved by the defence minister have been completed, informs the press-service of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

High professionalism was demonstrated during the exercises aimed at protecting the energy infrastructure in the operational zone of the Caspian Sea, planning and conducting combat operations in cooperation with ship tactical groups, as well as improving the skills of commanders, headquarters, and military personnel.

At the first stage of the exercises, which were held in three stages, according to the signal, measures were taken to alert the formations and military units, to bring the forces and means struggling underwater sabotage into the state of combat readiness. At the second stage, according to the signal, actions to deploy underwater anti-sabotage forces in the areas of responsibility were worked out, underwater anti-sabotage defence missions were fulfilled, as well as operations to protect oil, and gas infrastructures were conducted. At the third stage, after carrying out combat firing, the ships returned to the points of permanent deployment.
The exercises involved more than 20 ships and boats, 2 helicopters, including up to 700 servicemen.