Eurasia Diary: Presidential aide comments on incident occurred on Azerbaijan-Russia border

“We express our regret in regard to the incident occurred at Kullar border checkpoint situated in Maharramkend region on the Dagestan side of the state border between the Azerbaijan Republic and the Russian Federation. In general, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, beginning from the middle of March of 2020, the return to our country of over 20 thousand citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic has been ensured by crossing the land borders of our country and by special charter flights”, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan-Head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Hikmat Hajiyev told, reports citing APA.

H. Hajiyev said beginning from the end of March – beginning of April 2020, the return from Russia to our country of 2,976 citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic has been ensured through Samur border crossing station between the Azerbaijan Republic and the Russian Federation and international airports.

“For ensuring the return to our country of the citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic staying currently on the territory of the Russian Federation upon the condition of compliance with requirements of the special quarantine regime applied in our country, within the special time schedule and based on registration, the “I am going home” portal has been created.

The evacuation of Azerbaijani citizens is provided by relevant bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation on a weekly basis in the form of mutual connection within the framework of the determined schedule. Within the framework of a weekly schedule, 120 people passed through Samur state border crossing point and arrived in Azerbaijan territory on May 19, while 131 people on May 26, 122 people on June 2, 130 people on June 9. More than 150 people will be evacuated to Azerbaijan on this schedule. At the same time, the return of Azerbaijani citizens, registered on “Evə gedirəm” (I am going home) website, is considered with the Baku-Moscow-Baku charter flight.

During the evacuation of citizens, elder people, ill persons, women, children, and families make up the priority and receive the ability of stations, allocated for quarantine in Azerbaijan, is taken into account.

Azerbaijani citizens, gathered around Samur state border crossing point, should follow determined rules, not to violate queue principles, and not to prevent the execution of activity of relevant state bodies. In the current situation, we call on our citizens to be tolerant”, he added.

Note that RIA Novosti has released information on the visit of the Representation of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan to Dagestan regarding the incident by citing diplomatic sources.