UNODC: Two training opportunities for non-governmental stakeholders

Workshop on the UNTOC Self-assessment Questionnaire

1. Workshop on the UNTOC Self-assessment Questionnaire

The objective of this workshop is to give an in-depth overview of the implementation of the UNTOC Review Mechanism, particularly the self-assessment questionnaire. We strongly recommend that participants in the workshop have basic knowledge of the UNTOC and its review mechanism in order to fully benefit from the workshop. This workshop will be held virtually with live sessions. It will include expert presentations and breakout sessions to allow participants to better explore the Self-assessment Questionnaire and how their work is related to it. Certificates of successful completion will be awarded to participants who complete the workshop. For more information see here the Call for applications in Arabic, EnglishFrench and Spanish.

Language: The Workshop will be held in English. Simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, English, French and Spanish if the demand exists. 

Dates: 15-17 November 2022 

Deadline for registration: October 6, 2022 

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2. SE4U Self-paced course 

This course introduces participants to the UNTOC and its review mechanism, as well as entry points for engagement with governments. The course can be completed at your own pace and time during a period of six weeks. It will be facilitated by an educational expert and certificates will be awarded to participants who complete at least 80% of the course. For more information see here the call for participation in Arabic, French, English and Spanish

Language: Arabic, English, French, Spanish 

Dates: 26 September – 4 November 2022 

Deadline for registration: August 28, 2022  

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