Call for CSOs – Register at UN Partner Portal

Call for Expression of Interest to the civil society organizations

UN Partner Portal is an online platform designed to simplify and harmonize UN processes for working with civil society partners, national and international NGOs, community-based organizations, and academic institutions. It is a joint initiative of the UN Secretariat, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR and WFP. Partnerships are essential for achieving development goals. Working with partners contributes to results, including the delivery of essential services, capacity strengthening, policy advocacy and development innovations. The UN is committed to partnerships to complement resources, share knowledge and expertise, and jointly make a meaningful long-term impact.

 What is the UN Partner Portal?

The UN Partner Portal allows:

  1. Civil society organizations (CSOs) create profiles and share key information about themselves with the UN.
  2. UN agencies post partnership opportunities and solicit applications from CSOs.
  3. UN agencies to receive, assess and select applications submitted by CSOs, and conduct harmonized due diligence verification of CSOs.

What organizations can register on the UN Partner Portal?

Prospective civil society organizations – non-government organizations, community-based organizations, and academic institutions.

The UN Agencies will partner with civil society organizations that are committed to:

  1. Common humanitarian goals.
  2. Core values of the United Nations.
  3. The Principles of Partnership.
  4. Good governance, including transparency, accountability, and sound financial management.

What are the benefits of the UN Partner Portal?

  1. All UN open selection partnership opportunities in one place
  2. Civil society partners can apply online
  3. Civil society partners can be notified of direct selection partnership opportunities
  4. A big pool of various partners in one place
  5. Improved efficiency of partnership selection and processing
  6. Partners are verified and automatically screened

Currently, UN Partner Portal contains the profiles of more than 26,000 Implementing Partners, including international CSOs, national CSOs, Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies, community-based organizations, and academic institutions. These numbers continue to grow daily, as more CSOs learn about UN Partner Portal.

We encourage all civil society partners to register their profiles online. 

UNPP landing page:

UNPP registration page: 

UNPP info video:

Help centre for CSO partners: