Dr. György Tatar, Chairman of the Board of the International Foundation for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities, visited Shusha

On October 29, Dr. György Tatar, Chairman of the Board of the International Foundation for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities, visited Shusha together with 30 non-governmental organizations, media, academic institutions, representatives of international organizations and lawyers.

This visit is carried out as a part of the international conference on the “Role of NGOs in the return process”, which was held in Baku, on October 28th, at the “Irshad” Hotel, within the “Return after 30 years; Increasing the knowledge and capacity building of the NGOs on the return process” project implementing with financial support of the Agency for State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan within the “2022 Year of Shusha”.

The purpose of the conference was to exchange ideas and discuss recommendations between the state institutions, international organizations and representatives of the national NGOs that will work with the population in the future return process, regarding the return, relocation and resettlement.

During his visit to Shusha, Mr. Gyorgy Tatar got acquainted with the ruins of the monuments, building and other civil infrastructure, which are the results of the Armenians’ crimes aimed at the destruction of the historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in the city of Shusha. At the same time, the participants of the trip got acquainted with the restoration and construction works carried out in Shusha.

It should be noted that a day before the visit to Shusha, at the international conference held in Baku, Fuad Huseynov, Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijan Republic State Committee fo Affairs of Refugee and IDPs, Aydin Safikhanli, Head of the Human Rights Commisioner (Ombudsman) Office, Guido Ambroso, Country Representative of the UNHCR Office in Azerbaijan, Vladimir Gjorgiyev, Country Representative of the IOM Office in Azerbaijan, Israil Iskandarov and Zaur Mammadov, Members of the Advisory Board of the State NGO Support Agency of Azerbaijan Republic, Gunay Valiyeva, employee of the State NGO Support Agency, Abby Motherwell, Political Attache of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan, Crtomir Peter Fischinger, Adviser at the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan, György Tatar, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the International Prevention operating in Hungary, Ramil Iskandarli, Chairman of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, Agamirza Bagirov and Fariz Akbarov, national NGO representatives, Nick Nwolisa, Expert on Children and Youth Rights, former UNICEF consultant, highlighted the role of state bodies, international organizations and national NGOs in providing social security, movement rights, reintegration rights, and special needs of displaced persons during the return and resettlement process and expressed their recommendations.