‘Women in Justice – Women for Justice’ Campaign

Women in the criminal justice system can act as agents of change. Diversity and inclusion enrich all institutions and contribute to greater accountability.  Women judges bring different perspectives and experiences, strengthening judicial systems. Women in leadership roles help disrupt networks of collusion, striking a blow against corruption. Women’s representation in law enforcement and judicial institutions has been linked to more effective, victim-centred responses to crime.

The number of women and girls coming into contact with the criminal justice system, as victims, witnesses and prisoners, has increased in the past 20 years. However, greater efforts are still needed to support women to access justice and ensure that criminal justice institutions fully respond to their needs.

By investing in women’s advancement and women justice leaders, we can help ensure that justice is better served and that women and all members of our societies are met with fairness and equality before the law, for the benefit of all.


The campaign highlights the role of women and raises awareness on the importance of greater representation of women across the justice spectrum.

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How you can get Involved

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Share stories about women in the justice sector and women working for justice in your region and use the campaign hashtags #WomenInJustice and #WomenForJustice.


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Campaign Material

The social media package and all campaign materials are available on Trello.


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