Economic and Social Council adopted decision on granting Special Consultative Status to NGOs, including the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union

The Economic and Social Council elected members to seven subsidiary bodies and approved several draft decisions relating to non-governmental organizations, including granting special consultative status.

The Council adopted the decisions contained in the first part of the report of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations on its 2022 resumed session (document E/2023/32).

Through decision I as amended by the prior adoption, “Applications for consultative status, requests for a change of name and quadrennial reports received from non-governmental organizations”, it grants special consultative status to 173 non-governmental organizations; notes change of names and among others; and takes note of 308 quadrennial reports submitted by non-governmental organizations.

Legal Analysis and Research Public Union (LAR PU), NGO based in Baku, Azerbaijan is also listed among approved 173 NGOs.

LAR PU is a member of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice since 2020. A number of LAR PU members attended trainings organized by the Civil Society Unit of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and is represented at the Whatson Platform of UNODC on fostering partnership in crime prevention and criminal justice issues. The main goal of LAR PU is to contribute to implementation of the legal reforms in Azerbaijan through learning, researching and analyzing the legal problems.

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