Lifting sanctions against Iran will work for Azerbaijan


The possible cancellation of the sanctions against İran will be beneficial for Azerbaijan rather than harmful.

As we know, the nuclear agreement of Iran with Western countries was one of the most discussed issues in the recent days. Possibility of cancellation of the sanctions presently applied against Iran, which is among the future effects of this agreement, was discussed even more.

Thus, what can be expected for Azerbaijan in view of these developments? Will Azerbaijan benefit from it or will suffer? As an Analytic Group of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, our opinion is that, in perspective, cancellation of the sanctions against Iran will create a range of opportunities for Azerbaijan. First of all, we don’t think that fall of the oil prices will be the only outcome of obtaining the nuclear agreement. Some pessimistic forecasts promise only this and the idea that Azerbaijan will suffer from this process is wrongly delivered to the public. First of all, anyway Azerbaijan takes into account the fall of oil prices and builds its economy in accordance with this issue and successfully keeps its previous development dynamics.

However, another forecasted outcome is that it seems more plausible that in the future, İran will transport its energy resources to the world by via Azerbaijan. This possibility looks more real that fall of oil prices and promises economic benefit for Azerbaijan.

If we will have deeper approach to other issues aside form transportation of the energy resources, cancellation of the sanctions against Iran will bring to expansion of the economic relations with Azerbaijan and with CIS and western countries in the non-oil sectors via Azerbaijan. For example, taking into account that Iran will take a course of development towards modernization, it will strive for importing more modern cars by means of Azerbaijan and this may cause establishment of the car market for Iranian citizens in Azerbaijan. In this exact example we can see that due to development of cooperation in many spheres, removal of sanctions against Iran is in the interest of Azerbaijan.

Legal Analysis and Research Public Union