The Mediation Council released a report on its activities

“Despite operating in a short time, there is a serious dynamic in the number of appeals to the Mediation”

The statement was made by Chairman of the Mediation Council Nadir reports.

He said that given the new establishment of the Mediation Council, as well as the new formation of the practice of mediation and the first steps in this field, there are problems: “As a mediation, we are tackling these problems together with the ecosystem that surrounds us. We are committed to addressing the challenges ahead”.

N. Adilov noted that the Academy of Justice has a special role in the training of mediators and the Academy of Justice is the only training group registered by the Mediation Council. Till today, 354 people have completed the initial training course for mediators by the Academy of Justice and received a mediator certificate: “Currently, the number of full members of the Mediation Council is 278. The number of our mediators active in the service of citizens is 230 people. 230 mediators serve citizens on family, labor, commercial and consumer disputes that are members of the Mediation Council across the country. 142 of these 230 mediators operates in Baku, 6 people work in Sumgayit, 10 people in Ganja, 2 people in Sheki, 2 people in Mingachevir. The number of mediators operating in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is 5. There are 63 mediators in 35 other cities and districts. Information about mediators is published on the website The number of female mediators serving citizens is 47. 37 female mediators of them work in Baku and 10 in the regions. The number of male mediators is 95”.

The chairman said that the Mediation Council has received 12,585 appeals since July 26, 2021: “9552 appeals were registered and distributed among 230 mediators because they were properly drafted in accordance with the requirements of the law. 3033 incomplete documents of 12585 received appeals were not distributed among mediators due to absence of signatures, addresses, applications and proposals, without telephone numbers and addresses for feedback. In order to ensure citizen satisfaction, citizens whose incomplete documents were returned by all possible means of communication, explained the requirements of the legislation and advised on the correct preparation of documents. In addition, the number of voluntary appeals to mediators by citizens exceeded 1,200. About 740 out of 9552 cases considered by mediators are commercial disputes, 297 are labor disputes, and 8,515 are family disputes”.

It should be noted that the Mediation Council evaluates mediators in electronic form in order to increase citizen satisfaction and evaluate the activities of mediators.