Training for NGOs was held in Guba on juvenile justice

On January 24th, 2024, a training on “Protection of children’s rights and juvenile justice” was held at the Resource and Training Center of Guba Regional NGOs. At the training, Javid Mustafayev, the leading adviser of the Juvenile Affairs Commission of the Guba District Executive Authority, Bahruz Efendiyev, the head of the Northern Regional Center of the Ombudsman, Eynulla Kheyrullayev,  the head of the Resource and Training Center in Guba, and Ramil Iskanderli, the chairman of the “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union, spoke.

During the training, the representatives of the civil society organizations operating in Guba city were instilled with the knowledge of international standards and their application related to the principles of child-sensitive in the justice system.

Representatives of the local NGOs participating in the event, Tunzala Abdulalimova, the chairman of the “For the Motherland” Support to the Martyrs’ Families Public Union, Faig Abdulalimov, the deputy, Yusif Mohbalayev, the head of the Guba region representative office of the Karabakh Disabilities, Veterans and Martyrs’ Families Public Union, Ali Farzaliyev, the project management specialist of the “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union, Chairman of the Environment Ecological Center Public Union Yusif Hajiyev and Röya Aydemirova, the psychologist of the Resource and Training Center of Guba Regional NGOs spoke and voiced valuable opinions on the topic.

Since November of this year, within the framework of the project “Development of innovation-based and sustainable civil society in Azerbaijan” implemented by the United Nations Development Program with the financial support of the European Union, the initiative “Civil Society Support for Reforms in the Juvenile Justice System in Azerbaijan” is implementing by the “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union.