April 4th, International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action – VIDEO STATEMENT

Every year on April 4th, International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action seeks to raise awareness about landmines and the dangers they pose.

Here is the TEXT and the VIDEO Statement by @RamilIskandarli – Chairman of the Legal Analysis and Research PU at the Annual high-level panel discussion on human rights mainstreaming, 55th session of the UNHRC in Geneva:
“Ensuring the effective participation and inclusion in society of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), particularly mine victims, is a multifaceted challenge that requires a comprehensive, inclusive, and rights-based approach.

NGOs play a critical role in advocating for, supporting, and implementing programs that promote the inclusion of PwDs. During the post-conflict period, it was found that there are about one and a half million mines and unexploded ordnance in the liberated areas. The issue of people disabled as a result of landmines explosions is not a political issue, but a humanitarian and human rights issue.

Armenia’s ongoing mine terrorism against Azerbaijan and the provision of inaccurate landmine maps prevent the return of Azerbaijani former IDPs to their homeland, violate their rights to freedom of movement, health, employment and education.

Many NGOs in Azerbaijan work to provide humanitarian demining and awareness initiatives, rehabilitation services, including physical and psychosocial support for mine victims. However, there is very few international support initiatives for demining our territories. I believe that international support should be increased and we should mobilize our efforts to fight this problem.