President of the UN General Assembly: “We thank Azerbaijan, as Chair of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) , for pushing for this very important session”



The proposal to hold a special session on the pandemic by the General Assembly is a veritable platform to mobilise global commitment against the pandemic.

We thank Azerbaijan, as Chair of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement), for pushing for this very important session and the General Assembly for accepting to hold the special session.

The co-facilitators with your cooperation and support, have produced a solid draft as a good basis for negotiation. And I trust that the special session will ensure greater involvement of world leaders toward a result-oriented response to the pandemic. This will further strengthen the General Assembly as a critical global partner in the fight against the pandemic and its impact on lives and livelihood.

Indeed, I trust that this special session will be a vehicle for a coordinated response from the international community.


I am already encouraged by the keen interest of many Member States in the success of the special session and as such; I commend those of you who have made important contributions leading to this point.

In the same vein, I call on all Member States to work closely with the Co-facilitators in the spirit of cooperation during the process. I enjoin you to avail yourself of today’s deliberations as a platform to share experiences on modalities to address the Pandemic.


The current situation underscores the necessity to work together to defeat COVID-19, and to strengthen multilateral cooperation.

Indeed as you strive to ensure a better world for all, the Office of the President of the General Assembly will remain your partner, enhancing global partnerships for sustainable development.

I thank you and wish you very successful deliberations.

Tijjani Muhammad Bande
President of the UN General Assembly