The results of the elections to the Public Council under the State Migration Service have been announced

According to the Law “On Public Participation” and the “Regulation on the Election of the Public Council by Civil Society Institutions”, elections were held for the Public Council (hereinafter – the Public Council) under the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

6 candidates who received the required majority of votes were elected as members of the Public Council:

  • Fuad Aliyev – “Support for the Protection of Civil Rights” Public Union
  • Gunel Gozalova – “Support to the Development of Journalistic Art” Public Union
  • Ramil Iskandarli – “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union
  • Rahila Mehtiyeva – “Socio-Economic and Ecological Development” Public Union
  • Adil Shukurov – “Migration Volunteer” Public Union
  • Asim Valiyev – “Support to the Professional Development of Young Diplomats” Public Union

Since it was decided that the Public Council should operate in the composition of 9 people, in accordance with the relevant legislation, for the remained 3 vacant seats, on July 21, 2023, the re-elections will be held.

Source: State Migration Service.