A radical reforms initiated by the President

In the recent days, President IlhamAliyev made a range of important decisions on implementation of the reforms in the sphere of economics and management. As the Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union, we can confidently say that, President IlhamAliyev insists on implementation of the well-planned, deliberate, systematic, non-chaotic reforms in Azerbaijan and realizes them not in words but in deeds. The decrees adopted for establishment of the Financial Market Control Chamber of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Board of Appeal under the President is among the last activitiesof this kind.

The President stated in his speeches that 2016 will be a year of reforms and he said that, in general, there is a great need for serious reforms in Azerbaijan. The President’s sincere and confident declaration of this initiative at the same time puts moral responsibility on the state officials directly participating in implementation of the state policy as well as the legal responsibility provided in the legislation.

As an example of changes in the management system, characterized by the structural changes we can show elimination of the State Securities Committee, the State Insurance Supervision Service under the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Monitoring Service under the Central Bank by the decrees of the head of the state.

A few days earlier, President announced a range of structural changes at one of the meetings and presently, we witness that this issue is implemented.

As to the opinion of the Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union, the present economic situation requires dynamic and flexible decision-making and we can see this in the activity of the President. At the same time, as all these steps are dynamic and flexible, they also require transparency and accountability. Namely for this reason, in the recent days, be can see that Azerbaijan President’s Assistance for Economic Reforms Service regularly shares information about the works already done and the future activities by means of Mass Media. Provision of such accountability and transparency is namely a part of the reforms. For example, immediately after the decisions were made, it became clear from the disclosures provided by the President’s Assistance for Economic Reforms Service that the Financial Market Control Chamber has been established with the purpose of improvement of the system of control over licensing, regulation and supervision of the activity of securities market, investment funds, insurance, credit organizations (bank, non-bank credit organizations and operator of the postal communication) and the payment systems activity, as well as legalization of the illegally obtained financial means or any other property and prevention of funding of the terrorism, and with the purpose to ensure transparency and flexibility of the system of control over these spheres.

Besides, in the information on importance of one more decree it was stated that establishment of the Board of Appeal under the President is related with provision of multistage in the sphere consideration of the appeals of individuals and legal entities implementing entrepreneurial activity and improvement of the mechanism of complains regarding decisions, actions or inaction of the central and local executive authority bodies.

As to the opinion of the Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union, it becomes clear from the purposed of the adopted decrees that these decisions are not of declarative nature, these decisions are practical and will benefit the broad category of the population in a short period of time.

The decrees of the President are fully adequate to the present realities of Azerbaijan and are directed to settlement of the problems based on the existing realities.  Improvement of the social maintenance system, addressed social assistance system, increase of the pensions and scholarships are among the reform elements immediately and directly affecting the population.

Establishment of the Board of Appeal under the President is related with the fact that the use of classical legal protection mechanisms by the entrepreneurs did not always have the positive effect, now it will provide conditions for more flexible and positive settlement of the problems unlike long-term bureaucratic judicial obstacles.

We can see it from the worldwide practice that in many cases, many economic issues, problems of the entrepreneurs may be settled as a result of thedecisions made at place and quickly. As an example we can show that participation of the President at the conference dedicated to the outcomes of the second year of implementation of the State Program on “Social and Economic Development of the Regions of the Azerbaijan 2014-2018” together with the entrepreneurs, providing a platform to 10 entrepreneurs, exchanging opinions with them, supporting their ideas has led to settlement of many practical problems in a short period without facing any bureaucratic barriers and obstacles. And this is the real radical reform.

As to the opinion of the Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union, elimination and merge of the various state bodies with the recent decisions of the head of the state, thus provided for achievement of development in the effective management system based on quality rather that quantity and helped citizens to get rid of bureaucratic obstacles. So, this fact shows us the radical reforms.

Another very important issue that should be mentioned here, is that the reforms of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic IlhamAliyev implemented for development of the entrepreneurship in the country had been positively and enthusiastically met by the society, as it is seen from the information provided by the Azerbaijan Republic President’s Assistance for Economic Reforms Service to the public.

One more fact that is worth to be mentioned is that the recent steps of Mr. President have been periodically highlighted not only in the country, but also by the representatives of the foreign countries, in the opinions of the foreign experts in the foreign mass media and social networks.

For example, the fact that, recently, head of the European Union Delegation to Azerbaijan Ms. MalenaMard declared that they support the reforms and modernization processes initiated by the President of Azerbaijan and being implemented allow us to conclude that the measures taken in Azerbaijan are not occasional at all.

At the same time, the official representative of the International Monetary Fund visiting Azerbaijan stated that, the state leadership of Azerbaijan conducts successful policy in the situation that appeared in the country as a result of the external factors and IMF is also ready to provide its assistance to Azerbaijan in implementation of these reforms.

As the Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union, at the end we would like to say that in light of all mentioned above, we as a society have the moral duty to support the reforms initiated by the President IlhamAliyev in Azerbaijan and to do our best. Recently, at the traditional World Economic Forum held in Davos, Mr. President declared that we will overcome difficulties relying on the people of Azerbaijan.

The Analytical Group of the Legal Analysis and Researches Public Union