10 reasons why Baku, Azerbaijan needs to be on your bucket list written by Cassandra Charlick

There are few places in this big ol’ world left under the radar, but Baku is one that should be right at the top of your ‘must visit’ list.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a little country that sits at the crossroads of East and West. It’s a melting pot of culture, with a history that includes an ancient fire religion, medieval ruins and Islamic traditions; it also spent almost a decade behind the Iron Curtain.

Here are ten reasons why you need to book a trip right now to eat, sit, wander and have your mind expanded by the compendium of culture that is modern-day Baku.

1. It’s full of amazing architecture

Amazing architecture in Baku, AzerbaijanIn the space of a few blocks you’ll go from stately Imperial Russian buildings, to the curved lines of the orient, through to stark communist apartment blocks and incredible feats of modern design. Of course, there is also the heart of Baku, the UNESCO-listed Old City, which dates back to the 12th century.

Whether you are a scholar of architecture or simply a curious traveller, you’ll easily be able to spend a day just exploring the exteriors of this mosaic-like city. Read the continuation from the source: https://www.intrepidtravel.com/adventures/why-visit-baku-azerbaijan/?fbclid=IwAR0TpHf4FZmT5V8ztzsJuFw0F56VITHQMP0jMZX0U5v-CSQvTz-dssZTrgk