“Civil Society Capacity Building Program” by COJEP International Eurasia Coordination Office and TIKA was held in Baku

On November 26, 2021, the second “Civil Society Capacity Building Program” was held in Baku, organized by COJEP INTERNATIONAL Eurasia Coordination Office and supported by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).

Agajavid Ramazanov, representative of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, Cahit Bagci, Turkish Ambassador to Baku, Fatih Yilmaz, TIKA Baku Program Coordinator, Ali Gedikoglu, President of COJEP International, Celil Yilmaz, Secretary-General of COJEP International spoke in the opening program of the congress with the participation of about 100 non-governmental organizations operating in Azerbaijan. COJEP International Representatives Saty Arik, Fulya Kaya, Erdem Uyusal, COJEP Eurasia Coordinator Nushaba Mammadova, Chairman of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union Ramil Iskandarli and other officials and representatives of non-governmental organizations spoke.

Ali Gedikoglu, President of COJEP International, said the program aims to increase the international experience, knowledge and skills of non-governmental organizations. “As non-governmental organizations, we must develop new solidarity strategies in tackling challenges. We are trying to create a synergy that brings together non-governmental organizations in Africa, Europe, America and Eurasia, where we work together on justice, he said, “We must work to turn this unity, this closeness, this ability into energy and action.”

The conference discussed the place and role of civil society, Turkey, as a model country for a just world, access to international funds and project techniques, media and civil society relations, and lobbying in international organizations. Q&A sessions were held on the questions of the participating NGOs. The event was attended by about 100 non-governmental organizations. 50 NGOs have become members of COJEP NETWORK. At the end, Certificates were presented to the participating NGOs.

COJEP International Eurasia Coordination Office