Azerbaijan will implement a new project on “Restorative Justice” together with the European Union

Tbilisi, AZERTAC

“Azerbaijani delegation actively participates in the international conference on “Restorative justice” held in Tbilisi. Participants of the event are given detailed information about the reforms implemented in the judicial and legal system in Azerbaijan.

Vugar Agayev, Deputy Head of the Inspectorate for the Supervision of the Execution of Sentences of the Ministry of Justice, said in an interview with AZERTAC.

He said that at the conference, detailed information was provided about the judicial and legal reforms continuously implemented in Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. It was reported that measures are regularly taken in the direction of studying new mechanisms and new approaches to apply alternative mechanisms in the judicial system of Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Justice is closely involved in this process. It was brought to attention that a few years ago, the new Law “On Mediation” on civil commercial and family matters was adopted.

It was reported that “Restorative justice” is widely promoted in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is also closely involved in the issue of rehabilitation, which is one of the main directions of “Restorative Justice”. In penitentiary institutions, certain works are carried out related to the social adaptation and rehabilitation of convicts on probation. Psychological and lawyer assistance is provided free of charge to juveniles in penal institutions. We are already expanding these works, together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, psychological services are provided to convicted women. In addition, their social status is assessed, they are assisted in providing employment, and medical services are provided.

“Azerbaijan is also working with the European Union to further expand the scope of the “Restorative Justice” project. Next year, the implementation of this project will be started with the European Union”, said V. Agayev.

Khatai Azizov
Special correspondent of AZERTAC