Reforms plan of the President

Yesterday, the President IlhamAliyev who chaired the meeting on economic and social situation, head of the state disclosed the reforms plan for the nearest period.

What does this plan include? According to the analysis conducted by the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union in short, the reforms plan includes the following:

– First of all, focusing on the issues related to the social protection of the people and improvement of their wealth;
– Conducting serious struggle against artificial price rise;
– Merger or liquidation of the overlapping and unnecessary state bodies;
– Strengthening the legislative database related to regulation of the currency market;
– Preparation of the wide privatization program with participation of the international experts, attraction of foreign and local investors;
– Taking measures to improve the business environment in order to achieve economic revival; – Conducting recovery procedures for the banks;
– Issuing state bonds;
– Taking additional measures on insurance of deposits;
– Attraction of enough financial resources from the foreign finance market to the Azerbaijani market;
– This year, provision of soft loans in the amount of 250 million manats with support of the Fund for Entrepreneurship Support;
– Taking into account personal financial resources of the entrepreneur, it increase the investments to the regions up to 1 billion manats;
– Provision of conditions for businessmen in the sphere of construction, elimination of ungrounded requirements, bureaucracy and corruption in this sphere;
– Increasing effectiveness of the mortgage market, acceleration of construction of the buildings for this purpose.

As the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, we support these steps of the president and wish that the civil society institutions would be active in propaganda of implementation of these reforms