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January 13, 2019

“Why Think Tanks Matter?” event

On January 31, 2019, “Legal Analysis and Research” Public Union plans to hold a Round Table in Baku within the “Why Think Tanks Matter” series of events for civil society organizations to be held in parallel in about 200 countries within the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program implemented by the US Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies of the University of Pennsylvania.

The aim of the event is to provide information to the representatives of the civil society organizations regarding the importance of the institutions called think tanks in the contemporary period and their main functions and to exchange views on the current situation and future perspectives of the research-oriented organizations in Azerbaijan. Besides, the presentation of the Global Think Tank Index 2018 prepared by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program will be given.


Azerbaijan: Supporting the legal clinic of the Academy of Justice to provide pro bono legal aid

The Council of Europe and the European Union are supporting the legal clinic of the Academy of Justice of Azerbaijan to provide qualified free legal aid to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of the population that are financially unable to access legal services.


 A conference on “Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design” was held in Baku

A conference on “Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design” has been held in Baku. The event was held with the administrative support of the Azerbaijani Bar Association (ABA) and information support of American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham). More than 40 members of the ABA, foreign experts and attorneys working in various private enterprises attended the conference. The panelists included mediators and dispute resolution experts from the largest dispute resolution centers operating in the United States of America and Europe.


Azerbaijani community entitled to take part in determining legal status of Karabakh region

“The criminal junta created in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia is essentially a continuation of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s regime”. “The Armenian population living there, that is, the Armenian community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, has been occupied by the separatist regime. They are fully controlled and have been deprived of all rights. The Armenian population ousted Sargsyan during the mass protests in April 2018. The recent events in Nagorno-Karabakh region show that the population is tired of this separatist criminal regime.”



Tables for UN Human Rights Compilation on Azerbaijan

Useful source for human rights practitioners. Here you can find information of the scope of international obligations of Azerbaijan. More:

European Court to trial new ‘friendly settlements’ procedure

A new system to encourage friendly settlements to human rights disputes is started on New Year’s Day, the European court has announced. The one-year trial project , involving a dedicated, non-contentious phase in respect of all Contracting States, started on 1 January 2019. Under the new system, the court’s registry will have the discretion to make a friendly settlement proposal when respondent governments are given notice of applications. The court has confirmed that the procedure will have two phases : a 12-week friendly settlement phase (non-contentious), and a further 12-week observations phase (contentious with an exchange of observations).