UNODC Civil Society Unit Newsletter (January 2022)

The UNODC Civil Society Unit (CSU) wishes you a happy 2022 filled with healthy civic space! In 2021 the CSU engaged 4071 stakeholders from 1253 organizations and in 2022 we will continue to support the engagement between civil society and the Member States. Also happy to share with you our Newsletter where you can find the latest news about our work as well as useful information and important upcoming events.
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November – UNODC showcases best practices about prevention of substance abuse in family settings to Civil Society organizations
December – UNODC data explained for civil society

October – UNODC launches a compendium of promising practices on public-private partnerships to prevent and counter trafficking in persons
November – UNODC promotes public-private partnerships to tackle trafficking in persons
November – UNODC builds the capacity of non-governmental stakeholders on the instrument of the UNTOC Review Mechanism

September – UNODC supports Civic Engagement Forum, Probing Corruption, in the Philippines
November – UNODC together with EBRD support civil society anti-corruption initiatives in Central Asia
December – Civil society organisations across the world mark IACD 2021
December – NGOs Briefing and Coordination ahead of 9th Conference of the States Parties to the UNCAC
December – UNODC strengthens anti-corruption civil society efforts in Central Asian region
December – Civil society champions demonstrated regional best practices at COSP9
December – Working together against corruption in Southeast Europe 

24th January – presentation of the evaluation of the “Civil society in Africa contributes to UNCAC and its review mechanism to effectively fight corruption and support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” project
27 January 2022 – Webinar on Access to controlled medicines
31st January to 4th February 2022 – Central Asia Mission
2nd February 2022 – Civil Society Preparatory Webinar for Southern Africa Regional Workshops on Whistleblower Protection and Public Procurement 
7 to 10 February 2022 – Regional Southern Africa Workshop on WB and PP (+ SE4U Pilot activities)
14 to 16 February 2022 – CCPCJ Expert Discussions on Crimes that Affect the Environment
14th to 17th February 2022 – Mission to Kyrgyzstan, organized jointly with ROCA and EBRD
21 to 23 February 2022 – African Conference on Drugs and Crime
21 to 23 February 2022 – Civil Society Southeast Asia UNCAC Roundtable
23rd to 25th February 2022 – Civil Society SEA Roundtable on UNCAC and Follow-up to UNGASS on corruption 
3 to 4 March 2022 – SE4U Training on UNTOC Review Process
14 to 18 March 2022 – 65th CND – 11 March: Pre-session Informals
15 March to 30 April 2022 – SE4U Self-paced course in AR/FR/SP

We would like to invite your organization to join the WhatsOn platform, a knowledge hub aimed at facilitating the connection and engagement of relevant non-government stakeholders working to prevent and counter transnational organized crime and corruption conducive to organized crime. In order to get access to all WhatsOn resources, networks and knowledge opportunities, please fill in this online form at your earliest convenience.
Recently we published a human story on WhatsOn member – NGO Equality Now. Read the full story here. 

 We would like to invite your organization to join the “NGO Marketplace”, an innovative online platform that gives non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the opportunity to present their work, exchange expertise, network and raise awareness about their work in the field of drug policy. This virtual space expands civil society connectivity and amplifies the valuable input NGOs provide to the implementation of drug related services and policies at all levels. In order to get access to all NGO Marketplace resources, networks and knowledge opportunities, please register here. 

In this video learn more about how non-governmental stakeholders can engage in broad cooperation, share best practices, and participate inclusively in the implementation of the Review Mechanism, to help fight organized crime. 
Download the Toolkiton the implementation of UNTOC.
Download the Civil Society  Guide on the UNTOC review process.
Watch the video on the UNTOC review self-assessment questionnaire.
Learn more about the  Compendium of Promising Practices on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
Civil society assessments were undertaken in each of the Fast-tracking UNCAC Implementation regional platforms. Read them for Southern AfricaSoutheast AsiaSouth America & Mexico, and East Africa.
Watch the video on enhancing the capacities of civil society on good governance in Central Asia.
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